Phil and Grant Cobb: Missions For All Ages

Phil and Grant Cobb getting ready to hop in the car and deliver for Meals on Wheels

Phil and Grant Cobb getting ready to hop in the car and deliver for Meals on Wheels

After being heavily involved in missions pre-Grant, I knew that I wanted to continue to be involved with serving in Jesus name with Grant. The catch was how do you involve a 21 month old child? I certainly wasn't going to put a Habitat hammer in Grant's hands. He is awesome an active little boy, so anything that didn't allow me to wrangle him effectively wasn't going to be very safe. I was left with a a bit of a conundrum.

However, an idea hit me as I sat in church one morning. I had just listened to a minute for mission asking for volunteers for the Meals on Wheels program. The last part of the announcement emphasized the ability to try it out and serve as often or as little as you could. Hmmm. This could be an opportunity. I contact Henry at the church and asked about the opportunity. He put me in touch with Sky Keating who coordinates the program for James Island Presbyterian. Sky is also profiled on this same blog in an earlier entry.

We decided to give the opportunity a try. Sky met us at the church on a Friday morning and showed us how the program works. We would pick up six meals from the church delivered in coolers. The meals are similar to the ones you receive on an airplane, packed very efficiently for easy transport. All of the meals are delivered to residents of a local apartment complex. The residents are homebound and living on a very low and fixed income. They rely on this service to help them eat every day. 

I discovered on this trial run that I could put Grant in his stroller and carry the six meals in a cooler on my shoulder. We could within about 20 minutes, walk with the stroller and deliver all the meals. This was a very doable mission project! We committed to the deliveries twice a month. 

What a great experience it has been. We started in October of 2014 and have made deliveries ever since. All of the residents happen to be women and they all learned mine and Grant's name within two visits. As the weather has warmed up and Grant has gotten older we now walk together to each house. Grant loves to walk around the neighborhood and we briefly step inside each little apartment to deliver the meal and say hi. The ladies are quite taken with my little sidekick. One recent visit was special for Grant because one of the ladies had specially purchased a box of animal crackers just for when Grant came by. He danced with joy as I placed the box in his hands. 

We've also gotten to know the pets of the various ladies including a few dogs, Peaches the cat, Webster the parrot and some fish. Grant likes to make the noises of each animal and it thrills the owners each time.

It hasn't always been convenient or easy. It's rained and been really cold a few times, but we've made it work and been better for it. It's our way of bringing a little bright spot to each resident. It's been a great shared experience for Grant and I to express Jesus love to some ladies that could use some extra love at this stage of their lives.